Monsters Inside

Part 2: I tried to tell someone June 11th, 2008 4:15pm Officer Lenn E. Harling was having second thoughts on carrying out this illegal investigation. He couldn’t ignore the issue, but it would tarnish his name if anyone found out that he was investigating potential monsters and possessions. He knew he had to do thisContinue reading “Monsters Inside”

Ay Bendito: The Chronicles of The Lost Bird (Part 1)

Sometimes life gets really weird… And it seems like things are progressively getting weirder and weirder. That’s how I’d describe the last year. Not only are we all facing a global pandemic, we’re also facing some strange personal struggles we could’ve never imagined back in March 2020. It’s really been a whole year, believe itContinue reading “Ay Bendito: The Chronicles of The Lost Bird (Part 1)”