Monsters Inside: An Extension to the Interlude

Between the period where “Interlude: Part 7” was released and this Extension was written, it has been four months. 

That feels like a lifetime ago.

I let myself get lost in my mind. Lost by my monsters inside.

I felt overwhelmed and confused about where to take this story, so I left it alone to die like the long forgotten plant that sits on the desk next to me. 

In the last interlude, I let you know that the monsters inside aren’t real. The monsters are a part of us. I’m sure you already figured that out, but I was trying out a new writing technique. I was hoping that by revealing that truth I could take the story in a much stranger direction. After that, I started to overthink where things would go from there.

We all have monsters inside, and I’m still learning to tame mine.

Mine has been kicking my ass for four months.

On top of all of the things going on in my life, I have imposter syndrome. I don’t feel qualified to tell you how Blake and Harling slay these inner demon monsters since I haven’t slayed mine.

That is until recently when I decided I really wanted to pick this series back up. After a bit of thought I realized that I don’t need to be qualified to do anything. This is my blog. These are my stories. And I want to tell them regardless of how qualified I am to do that.

It’s not too late for me to water my plant and see if it will grow again.

The silver lining here is that I haven’t defeated my monsters, but it would be pointless for me to drop everything and give up. Black and Harling would be bad cops if they stopped trying to solve their mystery. Just like I’d be a bad writer if I gave up on mine.

I have no idea where this story is going, but just like the small group of people who’ve been reading this series (Hi mom, hi friends), I’m excited to find out.

Part 9 is in the works

Monsters Inside, by Leeann Diaz

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