What will happen next? We’ll continue getting psyched.

Hello, I’m Leeann (aka Dj Psyched)

Leeann is a pretty cool person who writes blogs, makes music, creates videos, does some visual arts, and played around with photography. She has five sisters and some awesome pets. Her mother is super cool too. In 2016, she went off to North Carolina State University to become a scientist and musician. She did not do either of those things.

Instead of studying in a STEM field, she found that psychology was more her style. But she didn’t follow through with grad school because she’s a weenie who thinks too much.

Thankfully her time in college wasn’t a complete waste. That’s where she found WKNC 88.1, aka, the coolest radio station on the planet. 

In the summer of 2018, she became a DJ for the radio station and chose the name “DJ Psyched” (because she couldn’t think of anything better).

In late 2019, she was offered the chance to start a podcast through WKNC. She took it.

During a video call with her good friend PME, he suggested she call the podcast the “Get Psyched” podcast.

That’s how the Get Psyched podcast was born.

DJ Psyched was no longer a random name she used during her “2k Indie” radio segment. It was now the basis of a confusing personal brand.

Getting psyched is all about loving what we do and doing what we love. 

That was the slogan I started with.

What will happen next?

That’s what I’m going with now.

That’s it folks. That’s the story of the Get Psyched podcast and the Get Psyched website.

For now.

While everything is still under construction and constantly evolving, the one thing I can promise is that things here will always be interesting and honest.

Until Next Time,

Let’s Stay Psyched Together

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