(Don’t) Give In

Bad bad bad. Am I? Yes. You are. Do bad. See bad. Feel bad repeat. A recipe for disaster. And you’re the key. Good good good. Am I? Yes. You are. Do bad. See bad. Feel bad defeat. A recipe for disaster. But it’s not me. Lost lost lost. Am I? Yes. You are. DoContinue reading “(Don’t) Give In”

Monsters Inside

Part 4: It’s About Time We Tell You May 8th, 2012 5:22pm The newly formed trio of self-proclaimed “monster see-ers” headed off to their second crime scene of the evening. They figured they’d run into something nasty, but they had no idea what it was until they arrived. At the train tracks, they found 4Continue reading “Monsters Inside”

Monsters Inside

Part 3: You Don’t Know Anything June 11th, 2008 5:45pm Bryson and Derek “She’s definitely not in this house.” Bryson said. He sifted through the shattered glass that was once Mary’s favorite flower vase hoping to find some DNA evidence. The four men searched every corner of the house and there was still no signContinue reading “Monsters Inside”


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