Monsters Inside

Part 2: I tried to tell someone June 11th, 2008 4:15pm Officer Lenn E. Harling was having second thoughts on carrying out this illegal investigation. He couldn’t ignore the issue, but it would tarnish his name if anyone found out that he was investigating potential monsters and possessions. He knew he had to do thisContinue reading “Monsters Inside”

10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship (LGBTQ+ Edition)

LGBTQ+ people don’t have relationships that different from any other kind of relationship, but there can be some small differences when it comes to things like coming out, being open with others about your relationship (for reasons relating to sexuality), and how you handle situations of homophobia from family and other close people, etc,. SoContinue reading “10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship (LGBTQ+ Edition)”

Monsters Inside

Part 1: Don’t Tell A Soul June 3rd, 2008 “It possesses people who are unaware of its presence.” I don’t get paid enough for this. “Jack. How many times do I have to tell you that this is a police station? I can’t deal with cases of possession or monsters. That’s not our line ofContinue reading “Monsters Inside”


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