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I write non-fiction blog posts and fiction short stories. My short stories are usually based in reality, and my other blog posts are about a variety of topics. My other main focuses are->


Get Psyched Reptiles is a project that I started in 2022 to represent my ever changing interests. I now volunteer with, work with, and study reptiles. I have four rescues of my own and I plan to work with reptiles full time someday. This project is an opportunity to grow and meet other reptile enthusiasts.


When I was a Dj for WKNC 88.1 I did a lot of music reviews. Now I usually review books and graphic novels.

Get Psyched is a proud member of the reptile community.
We support USARK and the rescuing of reptiles.


Get Psyched is a podcast for the radio station WKNC 88.1. We talk about music, reading, health, and more.

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