10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship (LGBTQ+ Edition)

LGBTQ+ people don’t have relationships that different from any other kind of relationship, but there can be some small differences when it comes to things like coming out, being open with others about your relationship (for reasons relating to sexuality), and how you handle situations of homophobia from family and other close people, etc,. SoContinue reading “10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship (LGBTQ+ Edition)”

If You’re Feeling Stuck, Try This.

After graduating college I got a full-time job, went all-in on my podcast, worked out regularly, and felt like a productive Queen. Don’t you love that? When you’re in one of those phases of your life where you feel like your thriving and nothing can get you down? That’s why it was confusing when IContinue reading “If You’re Feeling Stuck, Try This.”

What Is An Existential Crisis? (And Why Do We Have Them?)

I asked my friends and family what having an existential crisis felt like to them. This is what they said. “So apparently I have an existential crisis every day” “The this is fine dog sitting in the burning house” “Like everything I do from this point on both doesn’t matter at all but also changesContinue reading “What Is An Existential Crisis? (And Why Do We Have Them?)”

Ay Bendito: The Lost (And Found) Bird Returns With A New Home

Here’s a friendly update on Bendito. (If you don’t know who Bendito is or what’s going on right now checkout Part 1 of the “The Chronicles of the Lost Bird”). To make a long story short… No one claimed Bendito. He’s our buddy now. We knew we could afford his home, food, and upkeep –Continue reading “Ay Bendito: The Lost (And Found) Bird Returns With A New Home”

5 Things I Didn’t Expect After Graduating College

When I was in college I thought that graduation meant that I’d finally have time for all of my hobbies, get shredded as f*ck, and see my friends more. Disclaimer: I graduated at the start of quarantine, so this may be slightly exaggerated, but I still think these struggles would exist either way. I doContinue reading “5 Things I Didn’t Expect After Graduating College”

Getting Time Back Into Your Busy Life

How many times have you said “I really want to (insert thing here), but I just don’t have the time right now.” If you’re anything like me you probably say that 36 times a day (and counting). It’s the most frustrating thing in the world to realize that our time is limited. (Well… not THEContinue reading “Getting Time Back Into Your Busy Life”

Practice What You Preach & Love Your Enemies

It’s hard to deal with those situations when someone is being unreasonable, hateful, or disrespectful to you. I relate those feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, and spite when this happens. The issue is… those feelings don’t help. They can often do more harm than good. It’s incredibly frustrating when you do nothing wrong and stillContinue reading “Practice What You Preach & Love Your Enemies”

Take A Break (Or You Might End Up Like Me)

There’s nothing wrong with me lol, I’m alright. But I did recently learn my lesson about not taking any breaks. Taking a little break everyday is guaranteed to do more good than harm. I knew that, but I did not live that way. I have no chill. This year I went from hardly doing anythingContinue reading “Take A Break (Or You Might End Up Like Me)”