Monsters Inside

Part 2: I tried to tell someone

June 11th, 2008 4:15pm

Officer Lenn E. Harling was having second thoughts on carrying out this illegal investigation.

He couldn’t ignore the issue, but it would tarnish his name if anyone found out that he was investigating potential monsters and possessions. He knew he had to do this alone and he had to do it in a way that wouldn’t raise suspicion.

How would the other officers react to their head captain investigating “monsters” in the town.

That’s why he’s dressed in a large overcoat and baseball cap, standing at Mary J. Benson’s front door. He can’t be recognized, but he doesn’t want to look too suspicious. For most people this hot outfit would be odd in the heat, but Harling wasn’t called “the human reptile” for nothing.

Mary’s husband, Mr. Jole Benson, was the first person in town to ask for a divorce before the spree of requests broke loose. Harling didn’t dare go to the house of one of the murder’s. His colleagues would know immediately if he was snooping around those cases alone.

No one really cared for the divorce turnout though. They figured it was just how these days went. 

“It’s 2008” Joe said, “This town’s a little late on the divorce epidemic. The only strange thing is that this didn’t happen any sooner.” His fellow officers all laughed, this was the kind of talk that happened in the breakroom. No one found the divorce link suspicious and no one wanted to admit that they seemed linked to the murders.

Harling was startled out of his thoughts when Mary opened the door, jumping a little.

“Oh, sorry Officer. I saw you standing out through my window so I wanted to see if you needed anything. You here on business?” She asked.

“It’s alright ma’am. My apologies. I was just about to knock, got a little lost in my thoughts there I guess.”

They both shared a little laugh. Harling was trying his best to keep the conversation light so he didn’t startle Mary when he told her what he was really there for.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing, Mary. I’m not here on official business. Just have the evening off for once so thought I’d drop by.” He smiled.

“Well that’s very kind of you Officer.” She blushed a little “I’m doing alright, given the circumstances, but I don’t want to keep you out in this heat too long. Why don’t you come inside?” 

Harling nerves shot at her remark on the jacket. It was strange, he knew it when he put it on, but he figured she wouldn’t think too much of it. He was known to dress funny, always has been, so he didn’t think anyone in town would remark on it.

“Thank you ma’am” he said while stepping in. “Could I use your restroom for a minute?”

He didn’t really have to go, but he figured it was the easiest way to divert the question about the jacket without sounding suspicious.

“Go right ahead, Harling. Down the hall to the left.”

He went down the hall and used the bathroom, it would be extremely suspicious not to at this point. After he used the john he decided to look over the case files he brought with him in his coat, he needed to remember what Mary’s statement was. 

After putting the file back into his jacket he opened the door and put on a smile “Thank you Madam” he started to say, but his smile quickly faded as he looked out into a messy living room. 

What had just been a tidy Ikea-looking bedroom was now a messy crime scene.


Mary was nowhere in sight.

Part 3 will be released soon.

Monsters Inside, by Leeann Diaz

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  1. Krystal says:

    Okay I am ready for part 3!

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    1. Leeann Diaz says:

      Editing part 3 now 🙂


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