Let’s Change The World Together: Thank You For Supporting The Blog

Today’s impromptu blog post is a short one to say thank you to everyone who’s been reading the blog AND share some fun updates to the Get Psyched mission.

I can’t believe today marks the end of my first month of consistent uploads 😱 Seriously, it’s awesome to finally be in a flow and routine, and I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who’s been reading. It’s really nice to read your comments, hear your thoughts, and feel like I’m really connecting with you through these blogs.

The awesome thing about finally having a consistent schedule is that I’m finally able to focus more on what the content is then when it’s coming out. I’ve been very transparent about the fact that I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with my blog, podcast, and youtube channel: but I have been working on that.

The more I consume, and create content, the more I start to refine my own purpose for creating. I still don’t have it all figured out yet, but I think I’m headed in the right direction.

Recent changes to the Get Psyched mission:

  • I’ve posted more Get Psyched Blogs than Short Stories.

When I first made this blog I had my mind set on writing fiction stories. I love reading fiction (and I want to refine my storytelling skills), but that hasn’t been what I’ve been doing lately. I will definitely continue to write fiction, and I do plan to upload some fiction stories this year, but for now I am really excited about the growth to my more non-fiction based blogs.

  • The content has changed to be more growth and change focused.

This is my favorite development to the blog so far. I am a little bit of growth nut. I love reading about growth, and my goal is to always try and grow as a person (and that’s starting to bleed out into my writing). It’s pretty fun to share the things on my mind, and it’s really helped me to get myself back on track lately. Things have not been easy lately, I know you can probably relate to that too, but it felt even worst when I consistently felt like I wasn’t being the person I wanted to be or doing the things I want to. Writing has really helped me change that, and it’s also opened my eyes up to more opportunities that I have to make a difference in the world.

I really want this platform to benefit you as the one reading, too. I would love to inspire you to be your best self and not let this world bring you down. I’m really excited for us to change our lives (and the world) together 🙂 and that’s something I’m really glad has grown into my content.

  • I’ve felt much more honest (and more like myself) online.

I post what I want and it feels awesome. I no longer worry about making content so I can gain an audience, saying what I think people want to hear, or sounding how I think I need to sound. I say what I want and it’s really helped me find myself, my voice as an artist, and it’s helped me feel more connected to my work. I’m still working on this, but I do feel very excited about the fact that I now make more of what I want than what I think other people want from me.

I want to make a change in the world so I’m going to say it. I’m also going to talk about the injustices I see in the world (that I want to see change) and I’m going to talk about self-growth no matter how cringey it sounds.

I’m finally letting myself be myself online and it’s great.

Thank you SO MUCH again for reading. Your support and encouragement means the world to me and I hope I can bring you some value when you read my blog. I believe we can really make a change in our lives and the world, so…

Let’s change the world together.

Until Next Time,

Stay Psyched

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