Buying Bread

I’m buying bread. 

I just left work and my feet ache. 

After a mundane drive here, where I missed my turn twice, I end up at the most expensive store in town. 

I’m tired, broke, and I have chores to do. But getting this bread is something I need to do.

I reach for a basket, but decide against it. I can’t afford more than the three things I came here for.

Water, bread, and carrots. 

My wish-list is short, but my need is high. 

If I don’t have bread I won’t have food for work again. That’s the worst.

I’m tired, broke, and I have chores to do.

As I swim through the aisles my mind wanders. I need to pick up my meds, feed the pets, and work on my writing. If only I had more time. Oh wellll

What am I doing here again? Oh yeah, I’m here for bread. I think I passed that aisle.

I walk back and it feels like an eternity. 

I’m forty five minutes behind now.

I’m tired, broke, and I have chores to do. If only I didn’t need bread.

Now I stand before my bread. Should I get the same old whole wheat I usually do? It’s fair priced bread, decent quality, and low in calories.

It’s my best option I suppose, so I head to the register.

I got the bread. 

Good thing I have a credit card. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get this bread.

Not that I’m always able to get it now.

I’m working overtime to buy bread, which means I hardly have time to buy bread. This was my one chance to go to the store. If bread didn’t expire I’d have bought more.

I’m startled by a poke on my shoulder as I’m brought back to reality. I say a quiet sorry to the people behind me.

The cashier asked me about my day. I smile and tell her I’m doing great. That’s how I greet strangers when we make small talk.

Now that my card has been swiped, and our smiles have exchanged, I get home so I can get ready for another day.

I’m tired, broke, and I have chores to do.

I would get bread everyday if I were able to. But there’s just too many chores and too little money.

I’m putting the bread away.

I just left the store and my feet ache.

Too bad I can’t do anything about it.

I know I’ll be back another day. And that day is only a week away.

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