Ay Bendito: The Lost (And Found) Bird Returns With A New Home

Here’s a friendly update on Bendito. (If you don’t know who Bendito is or what’s going on right now checkout Part 1 of the “The Chronicles of the Lost Bird”).

To make a long story short…

No one claimed Bendito.

He’s our buddy now.

We knew we could afford his home, food, and upkeep – so we didn’t see any reason not to keep him (and we didn’t have it in our hearts to let go of our new friend.) Don’t get me wrong, we would have given him back to his home if we had the chance… but it would’ve been with sad hearts.

We’ve even given him his full name: Mani Bendito Diaz-Perez Jr.

It’s a mouthful, but it’s cute.

We even bought him a home (and by home I mean a fricken fully furnished bird condo with an entertainment studio).

He is a spoiled man.

Bendito loves his new home.

His favorite toys are his basketball hoop and his spinning mirror.

He spends all day nibbling on his food and staring at himself.

Bendito lives a luxurious life.

We still have some research and work to do, to make sure our buddy has the best life possible, but we’re getting there. Our goals are to make sure he’s comfortable with people, teach him to speak a bit, and eventually get him a friend so he isn’t lonely.

This is a short update, but I mean there isn’t much more to say other than we love Bendito, he is a spoiled man who is mildly conceited (but that’s valid because he’s hella adorable), and we want to get another bird friend for him.

The important thing to us is that we’re a good family to Bendito.

A lot of people get pets and do little to no research and/or give their pets boring lives because they don’t do enough to make sure they’re pet isn’t just surviving but is also thriving.

Let’s change the way we view pets, because they’re not simply “pets”. They’re members of your family, and neglecting your family clearly isn’t okay, so don’t do it to your chosen family.

Bendito is family now. Even when he’s a little salty and spoiled we love him and give him the best care.

Lesson of the blog?

Do the research, make sure you can handle the care, enrich your pet’s life, and as always…

Stay Psyched

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