5 Songs That Will Get You In Your Feelings

The title says it all. I’m here to highlight five songs that have put me in my feelings lately. There’s something oddly touching and relaxing about listening to music that is as sad as I.

The only criteria I have for this list is that it has to be a new song and it has to get me in my feels at least 70% of the time.

So I hope these tracks will get you in your feels too.

Snowman by Sia – Why does a Christmas song that my girlfriend showed me in January get me in my feels? I have no idea, but it does. I never really listened to Sia much before this, but (thanks to Ms Psyched) I’ve really been enjoying this album. Even in January, when the Christmas spirit is long gone, this record slaps. There’s something about the way Sia soothingly talks to her snowman that both calms me and makes me want to hug the person nearest to me (sadly, covid has prevented me from ever actually doing that).

Hundred by Khalid – Free Spirit is another record I would’ve never heard if it weren’t for Ms Psyched, so shout out to her again. As we listened to this album in my car together, she told me that this was one of her favorite songs on the disc so, naturally, I listened to it like a million times after that. And I’m glad I did. This song is one of the realist and most relatable songs I’ve heard in awhile. Some notable lyrics from the track are “life is never easy when you need it to be” “even dying ain’t free” “got a hundred things I gotta do today” and “but they don’t live what they preach”. My favorite though is “try to knock me down but I get back on my feet”. The resilience and honesty of this track has made me a newfound Khalid fan. This is definitely a record I’ll be keeping on repeat during my drives.

Anything For You by Ludo – Did I mention my girlfriend twice already in this article? Yikes. Guess it can’t be that surprising that the next song on this list is a love song. Much like the first track, this song makes me feel incredibly calm, but it only makes me want to hug one very specific person (who I actually can hug these days, thank goodness). The thing that got me into this song was the catchy (and amazingly cheesy) hook “But the best story that I can ever tell is the one where I am growing old with you”. It came on my Spotify randomly one day as I was cooking and it was one of those tracks that almost made me break a cup when I tried to save it before it ended.

Lonely by Justin Bieber – If you’re hating on Justin Bieber for no reason please chill. Seriously though, this track is beautiful to me because it’s so honest. When he says “I’m so loe-oo-oe-oo-oenly” I feel that. Not only that, but I guess I resonate with the chorus because of the lonely feelings that come with this pandemic. I know that’s not what it’s about, but I can’t help but find the lyrics comforting in this time. Plus, I definitely think people gave him way too much criticism as a kid, and I’m happy to see that he seems like he’s in a better place. I think it’s healthy that he’s opening up about his past. He seems to be dealing with his pain and learning to move forward as a stronger and wiser person, we love to see it.

Peaches by grandson ft. K. Flay – This is another beautiful song that focuses on resilience. “We’ll turn the pain into peaches…I’m not afraid of my demons”. Life isn’t easy, and I love all of these songs coming out right now to share that sentiment. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who feels confused, trapped, and worried. But I also love that it isn’t a very doomed feeling track, and they let us know that we can turn our pain around and live less afraid. It’s not easy, but staying resilient is important, especially right now. So I’m happy to have songs like this one that help me when I don’t feel so resilient on my own.

So now I need to ask… Did you get any feels from these songs? If you did, please comment below, I’d love to know which ones resonated with you.

That’s it folks.

Until Next Time,

Stay Psyched

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