Dear Reader,

It’s been a while. 

It’s not that I don’t want to talk anymore. I just haven’t known what to say. 

I still don’t know what to say, but, for the sake of keeping this project alive, I figured I’d give you a mediocre update.

I went from being a fruitful, energetic, idea-driven artist to… something else.

I continue doing things, but not for the public. 

Still trying new things, but not for the podcast. Still adding meaning to my life, but not on a platform. Still expressing myself, but more so in private.

Yet I can’t bring myself to remove my platforms.

I delete the apps, I distance myself, but like a hopeless romantic, I always crawl back. I renewed my website domain, I paid the annual fee, and I spent a few hours trying to decide what I’ll do with this platform (that I refuse to let go of).

Then I end up here. Feeling as though an update is the best I can do.

Maybe it’s just a phase. 

Maybe the get psyched project was just a phase. 

I’m still not sure, but I like to believe it’s the ladder.

I’m just in a different phase of my life right now.

I currently spend my days trying to get my life in order. Healthy mind, body, relationships, finances, etc., 

I try to enjoy my hobbies, in a less public way, and I try to find ways to advance myself in my career of choice (Which is no longer rooted in internet videos, blogs, or podcasts).

Despite all of that my website will remain, my social media will be gradually maintained, and evidence of my podcast and YouTube will remain on the internet (and get occasional updates, maybe). 

I can’t seem to let content creation go, but I also can’t seem to go all in anymore. It’s just not who I am right now.

Dear reader.

Since the last time I uploaded something online I have spent more quality time with friends, put more time into my relationship, picked up my guitar again, started reading more, put lots of time into my personal animals, completed an online course, and realized that the last two years have been too unstable for me.

That’s the part that has made content creation so difficult.

I am extremely close to finding stability in my life. That may or may not change the way I currently feel about uploading online.

I hope to get more active with online content creation again, but I will not press the issue. I love writing, I think I always will, but I feel different about being so public right now.

Maybe that will change. Maybe it won’t.

Dear reader. Have you ever felt this way?


Ms Psyched

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